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      1. J.R.Equipment
        Clientele Products Feedback

        Metal Sheet Works

        Established in 2001, JR Equipments specialise in  fabrication of Sheet Metals, Pipe Angles in M. S. and S.S.

        We undertake  folding of Poly Carbon Sheets, MS, SS, Aluminium

        JRE does fabrications works for Fire Fighting equipments such as Fire Hose Reel Drums and Fire Hose Boxes in MS, SS, & folding works in Aluminium. We solicit enquiries from the manufacturers for fabrication of such products.

        Contact Us:

        J. R. Equipment 
        No; 131 / 1-B 9, Balamurugan Koil Street,
        Madukuppam, Vanagaram,
        Chennai - 600 095. India.
        Call : 0 98410 58387 || Ph: 91 - 44- 24768387 
        E - Mail: ravi@jrfabricators.com

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